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Welcome to the S&E Blog aka S&E Soap Opera!

Hi, I'm Tamiko! Welcome to my first blog post!

What to Expect

I have decided it would be fun to have a blog where I can share sneak peeks, behind the scenes pictures of how the business is woven into our busy yet hysterical lives and whatever else fun comes to mind. Why? Because these are the days of our lives 🤣🤣.

About Myself

First, let me share a little about myself. My name is Tamiko and I'm married to a funny hardworking man, Curtis. We live in Allentown, PA and have 2 children: Sumiko & Ezekiel (that's where the business name S&E came from) and 2 dogs. I am a Navy Vet that lives in a multi-generational household where we (My mom, husband, and I) take care of my grandma who has dementia as well as my brother who was diagnosed with MR, autism and schizophrenia. I am a caregiver that loves to make natural products that help my family and friends with their skin (but I will leave the details of that for another blog so subscribe for more).

We are out in front of our house with the family having fun and selling our natural product