What does S&E stand for?

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S&E stands for our children, Sumiko and Ezekiel. Our business started with helping their hair and skin heal and grow.


Our daughter Sumiko was about 5 or 6 years old when her hair started breaking and falling out. I tried every shampoo - conditioner - hair oil - and treatment on the market and nothing helped. Some products created a thick layer on her scalp that was difficult to wash off. Dr said it was my hormones leaving her body. Our baby girl would cry because her hair was falling out and all she wanted was long hair.

Thats when I started looking into herbal remedies as well as oil infusions that could help strengthen her hair while feeding her scalp so that her hair could grow. I learned about the benefits of lavender in your hair and tea tree as well as different oil combinations. Such as the wonderful conditioning benefits of Jamaican black castor oil combined with a jojoba and olive oil. I begin putting different kinds of oil together to help her hair grow back and mix them with essential oils to help strengthen the herbal infusion. And my goodness did her hair grow back strong healthy and long. She is 10 years old today and has not experienced any more hair loss or breakage. In the years to come I continued searching for more knowledge concerning combination oils and herbal infusions. While helping family and friends regain their confidence and in love for their hair. If you are interested in our line of hair oils click here.


Some years later our son Ezekiel was born with really bad eczema. I tried every moisturizer I could buy with no avail! It was truly heartbreaking to watch our son suffer and cry throughout the days and nights at his skin would get rid and at times blister. The Dr. prescribed a very strong steroid while he was only a few months old that I had to wear gloves to apply. I remember the only relief that he would get was when we would put him in a baby tub with water & olive oil infused with calendula and chamomile flowers or oatmeal baths. But the relief didn't last long - as soon as he was out his skin seemed to drink up the oil as if nothing was applied. Not to mention how hard it was to take a squirming three month old out of an oily bath without dropping him 🤣🤣 those were stressful times🤣. Well now my husband I can look back and laugh at some of the things but at the time it was no laughing matter. My mission became to bring our son relief. I went back to researching and learning but this time it was about butters and the many benefits of organic shea butter. Through much trial and error I perfected The whipped butter that brings so many ( including our son) relief today. I didn't stop with the butter - I had to find a way to wash his skin without drying his skin out more. That is when the love for soap making began!

I was successfully able to bring my son relief and I watched as his skin began to heal!! So I sought out to help others the same way. For a longtime I would make and hand out the soap & butters to anyone that needed it until I met an older woman who found such value in the products she refused to get anything else from me until I worked out a price. That was back in 2017 and she is still a loyal customer today. If you are interested in our line of whipped butters and soaps for eczema click here.

That is what S&E stands for Sumiko & Ezekiel. That is also how S&E Natural Soaps LLC came to be - from the love of my kids and wanting to help them with their hair & skin.

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