How we started our business

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We get a lot of people asking us how we started our business. And to be honest we weren’t looking to start a business at all. We were simply looking to fulfill a need for our kids. That eventually grew into fulfilling the need for others that suffered from the same conditions our kids did.

At first we were just looking to help until the people we were helping begin telling us how good the products were and that we should go to business selling them. They happily became our first customers and continued to be for the past 8 years.

Almost all the products that I make and sell is because at least one of my family members use it on a regular basis. For example the espresso soap is my mom‘s all-time favorite. She loves the smell of fresh espresso so I developed a recipe that layers different forms of coffee & espresso to really bring through the espresso fragrance. She also deeply appreciates the exfoliation that the coffee grounds add to the soap without being too abrasive. I didn’t stop there either because of course with all the exfoliating you don’t want to dry out your skin so I also Inc. some luxurious butters for moisturizing properties.

Every product that we make has a purpose and a backstory. It was created to help someone we love and care about. Then we find that others love it and need it so I do my utmost to keep it in stock.

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